Ar kazakka – bir kitap

In 2022, the Otandastar Qory in collaboration with the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, initiated the "Ar kazakka – bir kitap!" campaign as part of its project to distribute books. Throughout the campaign, approximately 5,000 books were presented to Kazakhs residing in countries near and far abroad, with more than 300 books distributed among compatriots. The campaign continues to the present day.

The primary objective of the campaign is to provide books reflecting fiction, history, and the spiritual culture of the people to ethnic Kazakhs living abroad.

Participation is encouraged from all Kazakhstanis, public organizations, libraries, and publishing houses. Books in the Kazakh language corresponding to artistic, historical, and cultural themes are accepted.

To obtain information on book drop-off locations within the campaign "Ar kazakka – bir kitap!", please contact +77056647211 (Zhandos Konysbek).

Additionally, from April 19 to 23, the Compatriots Foundation's project will conduct the "Ar kazakka – bir kitap!" campaign within the Eurasian Book Fair 2023. This event was successfully held as part of the VI Eurasian International Book Fair. Over 70 individuals contributed to the campaign, engaging our compatriots abroad. With the funds raised, more than 50 books were purchased at a 30% discount from the publishing house "Mazmundama," which supported the project. Moreover, "Mazmundama" contributed several of its publications to the campaign.