WEB platform “Erulik.kz” for ethnic Kazakhs who want to move to their historical homeland



The web platform «Erulik.kz» serves as a valuable resource for ethnic Kazakhs considering relocation to their historical homeland. This platform introduces the socio-economic development of six regions: Akmola, Pavlodar, Kostanay, Abai, North and East Kazakhstan regions and helps to choose a suitable settlement taking into account the needs of ethnic Kazakhs planning migration.

  • Key features of the «Erulik.kz» platform include:
  • – Region Comparison: Users can compare the socio-economic development levels of the specified regions, aiding them in making informed decisions about their preferred destination for migration.
  • – Employment opportunities: The platform provides information about vacancies and the economic potential of each region, which helps to effectively plan the move.
  • – Infrastructure and Social Institutions: Users can assess the infrastructure and social institutions in prospective settlements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the living conditions.
  • – Migration Process Guidance: The platform includes information about the necessary documents for migration, recommendations for adaptation and details about basic services such as medical facilities and education.

The domain address, www.erulik.kz, serves as the gateway to this valuable resource, providing a user-friendly interface for individuals considering or planning to relocate to Kazakhstan. The platform stands as a comprehensive guide, addressing various aspects of the migration process and aiding ethnic Kazakhs in making well-informed decisions about their move to their ancestral land.