The main subject of the Foundation’s Activities

Information and analytical block

Studying diasporal problems and conducting relevant analytical studies are one of the priority areas of the Foundations's activities. This measure is necessary for the development of new proposals for improving the diasporal policy and applying the best international practices that are already implemented in this matter. The work is carried out in two directions and covers countries where there is a high concentration of Kazakhs, thus the best research practice is demonstrated.

Dialogue platforms

Communicative events conducted by the Foundation serve as an organizational platform for a systematic dialogue of ethnic Kazakhs and returnees with representatives of government bodies and the business environment to discuss existing needs and develop joint actions to solve these problems. Dialogue platforms are also held in the “B2B” format to strengthen communication between business entities that are part of the Foundation's target group.

Help in adaptation

One of the main indicators of the successful adaptation of returnees is a high level of survival in the national-ethnic and economic environment, as well as their psychological satisfaction with this environment as a whole. In this regard, one of the main tasks of the Foundation is to provide active assistance to returnees in their ethnic adaptation, primarily in order to provide equal opportunities and conditions for life and self-realization in the business environment.

Education and the Kazakh language

One of the most important areas of the Foundation is the development of the Kazakh language and support in its study among the Kazakh diasporas abroad. In this regard, the Foundation conducts a large stratum of work to popularize the Kazakh language and ensure access to its study in foreign countries by creating classrooms, providing teaching aids and educational literature. It is also important to attract compatriots living abroad to study at Kazakh universities, colleges and schools, to receive special grants provided in partnership with educational organizations. Also a lot of work has been accomplished by the Foundation to provide opportunities for children of abroad compatriots to visit range of children’s camps and recreation areas all over the country.

Promotion of Kazakh culture

The “Abai” Cultural House is being created on the basis of public associations - Kazakh organizations abroad. Its work will be organized in a single digital network with the creation of personal website pages. Activities are conducted by compatriots who have the citizenship of the host country.

Guide for compatriots

In order to promote the export of Kazakhstani products, attract investment in the Republic of Kazakhstan, search for talented compatriots and business ideas, as well as represent the interests of quasi-state companies, it is planned to create a network of business centers under the “Atameken” single brand. Business houses will operate on the basis of public associations by consolidating Kazakh diaspora organizations abroad.

Website of the World Association of Kazakhs

Cooperation of the "Otandastar” Foundation with the Higher Attestation Commission is conducted on a wide range of issues related to improving information and advisory and practical support for compatriots and ethnic Kazakhs living abroad. Mutual work is aimed at organizing a single structural network of Kazakh diasporas around the world, increasing the availability of support programs for compatriots by expanding the branch network, as well as increasing the members of the association and creating an electronic database of ethnic Kazakhs.

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