Promotion of Kazakh culture

«Abai» culture house

The “Abai” Cultural House is being created on the basis of public associations - Kazakh organizations abroad. Its work will be organized in a single digital network with the creation of personal website pages. Activities are conducted by compatriots who have the citizenship of the host country.

Kazakh language support

Main objectives:

  • Promotion of Kazakh culture;
  • Search for talented compatriots;
  • Promotion and presentation of national brands (Astana Opera, Kurmangazy Orchestra, etc.)

Аltyn qazyna

  • International Festival of Arts “Қасиетті қазақ елі" (200 participants, 35 people from Kazakh diasporas)
  • Moscow youth competition of the Kazakh song "Altyn Kaz";
  • Organization of concerts of Kazakhstani artists for the Kazakh diaspora abroad (2 concerts in China and the Russian Federation).

The main goal: the popularization of national art and literature.

Qasiettі jer

  • Excursions to the sacred places of Kazakhstan (Mangistau region, 25 delegates from the Kazakh diasporas).
  • Promotion and popularization of sacred places of Kazakhstan abroad.

Project participants:

  • participate in selected creative contests;
  • get acquainted with historical and cultural monuments;
  • share content through their pages on social networks;
  • promote sacred objects abroad.


The main goal of this direction is to transfer best practices - success stories, motivating readers to positive changes in their lives, as well as creating an image of a successful Kazakh. The events are also aimed at promoting the national electronic library, publishing books of ethnic Kazakh writers. Already in 2019, it is planned to publish an interview book “On famous Kazakhs abroad” with a circulation of 1000 copies.

Qazaq fashion

The project is intended to promote national stylistics in the industry of fashionable clothes and household items, as well as the development and promotion of applied Kazakh art among the masses. Partners are various Associations of this projects are various national associations of arts, crafts, and fashion.

Sport álemі

This is a set of sporting events among the representatives of the diaspora in national and traditional sports, the main purpose of which is to popularize them. In this direction, the Foundation actively cooperates with the Association of National Sports.

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